World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria The Adventure Begins

World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game which has come up with its fourth expansion for gamers. In this updated version of the game, MMO has raised the level limit from 85 to 90. This means all new, all thrilling, adrenaline pumping and new challenges for game lovers. In addition to this, there are a few character classes introduced in this latest version of the game like Monk, Pandaren. World of Warcraft is considered as a standard for judging the MMOs.
The game basically rests on the post events of Deathwing and Cataclysm. It offers the gamers a new continent to discover, new races, and timed dungeon challenges as well. The pet battles are also a new entry in this all new Mists of Pandaria game.
System Requirements
The system requirements to play this game include: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (both 32 and 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.7.3. 2 GB RAM and 25 GB of free hard drive space. The internet broad band connection is also the requirement for playing this game.
New Features of Mists of Pandaria
New to Discover
The gamers will have the new continent to roam around and discover. It has six area zones which are:
• The Jade Forest
• The wondering Isle
• Valley of four wind
• Vale of eternal blossoms
• Kun Lai summit
• Town long steppes
Each area offers you new challenges and requires new strategies to conquer the game. I would suggest getting a Mists of Pandaria Guide to help you with the game as it can be overwhelming at time.
Pandaren: A New Race
Alliance and horde both can play the all new Pandaren race. The first few levels can be played as a neutral player and then another player will be required to select the group to whom he/she will belong to. Conversation among the players of different faction is prohibited.
Monk: The New Class
Monk is the new class added for the Pandarens to play. It is basically a class of melee fighters that will allow hand to hand combat. The resource that will be used in the monk class will be Chi-Energy. Leather and cloth armors will be used by the monks. They can also use single-handed mace and sword, staves and pole-arms.
Dungeon’s Challenge Mode
In order to enter into a particular dungeon, it is required that the group plays it in the challenge mode. During this challenge, a timer will appear. On the basis of the amount of time a group will utilize to finish the dungeon challenge, tokens will be awarded in gold silver and bronze. These tokens can be used as currency to purchase different upgrades for the characters, like cosmetic alteration and pets etc.
In addition to these features, new pet battles and new talent trees are also introduced in all new Mists of Pandaria. The more gamers will play this new version of WoW the more they will find themselves addicted to it. So get ready to experience the wonderful mythical world of Azeroth as you begin feeling its essence all around you. It’s sure to keep you engaged in its own enchanted world.