Why iONE 360 changes the retail industry forever

Always wanted to have a complete system where you can take treatment of all your product details and create product setups? Then using iONE 360 might be a very good idea. It makes it possible to use 3D models to provide all the product info to your customers. What else does iONE 360 have to offer?

What is iONE 360?

iONE360 is an excellent product configurator.  Thanks to Artificial Reality (AR), clients from all over the globe can make a good selection when it comes to buying products. Nowadays there’s a lot of choice when it comes to products and services. What’s more: it can be overwhelming. So a little help is needed, and that’s the moment 3D and VR comes in.  Did you know that, as research has shown, at least 50 percent of the respondents wants to use this modern technology when buying a product? This is why the 3D product configurator iONE360 has been invented, and with big success.

Which products can be checked out in 3D?

Nowadays there are different products that can be viewed in 3D. It absolutely brings your products to life. As a company you can help consumers to identify products within seconds, all because of iONE 360. After viewing items in 3D a customer can buy them if he or she wants.

Why 3D is amazing

3D is a great concept, because it allows you to see items better than ever. It almost feels like you can touch them! The 3D product configurator iONE 360 definitely changes the retail industry for the better, since customers can have a better online experience.

What are the advantages for companies and marketers?

When you’re working in the advertising market, your job is to sell a product or service to as many customers as possible. Your success depends on several factors, including the state of mind of the consumer. Besides that, you need excellent resources to establish interesting advertising and marketing that really pays off. Enough advertising experience helps as well. iONE 360 provides new possibilities. You can present products with interactive, real-time 3D configurations. This makes it much easier for a customer, whether they’re young or old, to choose the right product.

What are the advantages for customers?

I’s been clear that customers absolutely profit from this modern technology. Thanks to the 3D product configurator iONE 360, clients can watch products before they purchase them. Think about furniture, for example. Usually a high quality bed, couch or table can be quite expensive. Therefore it’s very important that you make the right choice. iONE 360 helps you with this important task, which is amazing.