My Quest to Make My Own iPhone App

I’m not technically minded at all and to even setup my email is something of a task so you can imagine just the thought of creating an Apple application for my new iPhone, was just out of this World. I purchased my iPhone in December 2010 and it was my own Christmas present to myself. Being single gives you these advantages, having what I want and spoiling myself can make up for the lack of a partner currently.
Now back to the subject and enough about my personal situation. I love the new iPhone 4 phone and think it is much better than my previous iPhone that took a wash in the laundry earlier in the year. I see it has many improvements over the old version but the thing that I like the most is the new sleek design. One feature I really enjoy is having the ability to download “Apps” from iTunes and other websites.
On my old iPhone, I lost count of the apps I had and trying to replace them was a real task. One I really wanted but could not find, allowed me to pay and download MP3’s from Amazon. I love music and use my iPhone as an MP3 player all the time.
It then dawned on me, why did I just not make an app to do this for me. After all, with the right tools at my disposal, surely I would be able to make my own app. Plans rushed to my mind and eventually I decided to pursue this idea, I also decided that if successful, I would sell my app to others.
I then became more excited as I thought of ways I could benefit from others using my app. If I added my Amazon Affiliate/Partner ID to the app, I could make money on every purchase others made. This had to be a good idea so I set off looking for the tools needed to allow me to make my own iPhone app.
Now to cut a very long story short, the question of “How Do I Make An App” is easy to say but in reality, the process needed was and still is way beyond my skills. In fact, in my opinion, the only people who can make apps for the iPhone and iPads are professional app developers. So you may think this is the end of my article but far from it.
In my hours of search for the tools needed, I came across a great resource that would allow me to make my own app, without having any programming skills at all. All I needed was the idea, and this resource would ensure my app was created and to my specifications. Okay I guess if you came here looking for a simple way to create an iPhone app, you must be foaming at the mouth waiting for me to spill the beans.
So you’re not going to be disappointed when I give you the link below. So what of my app, was it created and do I make money from it? Well the answer is defiantly “YES”. I will not divulge the name of my app as I do not want this article to appear as a simple advertising campaign to get you to buy my app. I feel that would be unethical. It is out in Internet Land and I do make money from every MP3 sold via Amazon.. let’s just leave it at that.