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Sometime back, you kept your work life and social life separated. For many professionals, it isn’t the same anymore. Therefore, many thought leaders, influencers, and business consultants select to build a personal brand as it’s not enough to be a nameless part of a corporate brand anymore. 

What’s Your Personal Brand? 

Since the Industrial Revolution, business-level branding has been a key part of the economy. If you keenly observe, children who are just 3-4 years old can identify popular brands like McDonald’s and Amul. 

This indicates that brands used to be only for businesses. It was just expected from the employees to maintain and support the principles of the brand. If you were into marketing you might have taken efforts to help your businesses build their brands. But as trust started decreasing from corporations and government institutions, there has been a rise of the personal brand. 

If some of you have the knowledge of gaining your network’s power you will be able to achieve higher levels of professional success. Additionally, if some of you know the usage of social media channels for delivering helpful messages will take the personal branding to the next level.  

With personal branding you can stand as a positive voice in the flooded media marketplace. 

There has been a rise in branding on personal level in recent times. Previously, personal branding was only considered for models, celebrities, athletes, etc. But in today’s era personal branding is important to success in several different parts of life.  

So, what is actually a personal brand? 

People trust McDonald’s to provide a product that’s cheap and satisfying your hunger. Similarly, your brand is just an attempt to get people to help you with certain qualities. 

Basically, your brand is your reputation and the way people think of you. Everyone has a brand, but not everyone develops their personal brand to be a strength. 

Consider a celebrity that we all know: let’s say M.S. Dhoni, one of the most popular and widely known cricketers of the modern era. His personal brand would be as a cricketer for some and a personal known for his struggle. But for some it might be something different, but most of them know something about M.S. Dhoni. 

Now, consider someone less popular, such as your friend. He/she might be a good person but it takes time to know him/her. A stranger won’t come to your friend for help even if he/she help strangers. It means your friend’s reputation doesn’t lead him/her. His/her personal brand isn’t an asset, but it can be if tried. 

What Do You Need to Build Your Personal Website? 

A Personal Website 

There is no restriction on launching a website, anyone can launch a website. But professional get more benefits in comparison to others. You can easily access the internet and it’s a bit harsh to know that if you don’t work on your online image, it will manage you. 

You might have posted some funny images or tweeted something wrong in the past. But when you are looking for a job and do such things, no one would be ready to hire you. The reason is that the employer will check your social media platforms to know about you. If you want to impress someone, either for a job or big client, promote a project, display your portfolio or just want to get connected, you can do it by building your online platform.    

For building your online platform, you need to register a domain at first. Then you will need to host your website with a good web hosting provider. 

While hosting your website, you will get to know about many web hosting plans and selecting one from them would be difficult. The web hosting plans comprise of shared, dedicated, reseller, WordPress, cloud and VPS hosting solutions.  

Many of them select shared hosting at the start because it is cheap. But WordPress hosting is the best for your personal brand. WordPress hosting is highly recommended for hobby websites. This is because WordPress offers you user-friendly dashboard to manage your content. Moreover, you can build your website easily without coding and programming. There are various free plugins and themes that help you in developing your website.  

About MilesWeb 

MilesWeb is one of the popular web hosts in India. They are the proud supporter of WordPress and offer best managed and cheapest WordPress hosting. They have a dedicated team of experts to resolve your WordPress related issues via live chat and email at anytime the query occurs. If you aren’t happy with their service or due to any reason want to discontinue their service, you can claim for the refund only within first 30 days of service purchase. The 99.95% uptime ensure that your website is always up and running for your visitors. They are also provides WordPress cloud hosting

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Ultimately, there’s just one line to say, if you want to build your personal brand no host can provide you such best services as MilesWeb does. Their managed WordPress hosting keeps you away from the technical aspects as they take the complete responsibility of handling them for you.