Is Cell Phone a Tech-Grinch for Teens?

You might have heard a story of Grinch that is ugly, clumsy and flat feted creature lives in mountains and hatter of Christmas and used to steal presents from home. As the holiday season is in full swing, you may be ready to tackle him down, but nowadays parents have to realize that cellphones devices connected to the cyberspace turns to tech –Grinch. The technological Grinch is far more dangerous and technical thief and cyber predator for teens. Before going into the details, you need to understand that what is tech –Grinch and how it is dangerous for teens more than the actual one.

How Cellphone Become Tech-Grinch & Dangerous For Teens?

Cellphones and tablet devices connected to cyberspace are working as tech-Grinch because it can lead your teens to breach their privacy and let them interact with cyber predators. Teen is used to of using social media apps, online dating apps, and get involved with cyber predators. Teens are using cellphone devices all day long connected to cyberspace and then use it for so many dangerous and risky activities on the web and social media networks. Therefore, young kids and teens are breaching their online privacy and let the techs-Grinch in terms of online predators to steal your information on the web. There are the following activities that make the cellphone devices of teens vulnerable to online predators.

Online Dating

Online dating is on the rise among teens, and most teens do it for sexual fantasies. Cellphone devices are responsible for it, and it is the tech-Grinch that continually lets teens with online predators and shares their privacy with strangers. Teens are more likely to date older ones and get trapped by stalkers and sexual predators.


Teens used to send sext in terms of photos; videos while texting with people online, particularly on social media apps and websites. 30{792b0be00068f4e6092eb42c9415174cee1f8ad9a0d9ec30754acc683002356a} of the teens are involved in sexting, and they do it frequently with strangers online.

Sharing Privacy

Teens share everything on social media platforms by using their cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. Therefore, we can say that cellphones are real tech-Grinch that creates an urge among teens to share their private photos, videos, names, cellphone numbers, and school information with strangers.

Self –Obscenity

Cellphone cameras are one of the best examples of techs-Grinch that empowers teens to capture photos, videos and then share them publically on the web and social networks. Self-obscenity is on the rise and platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook where teens used to share everything and start receiving random messages from strangers. Teens got trapped by the stalkers and predators online that show interest in teens and then meet with them in person. Therefore, parents have to monitor cellphones (Tech-Grinch) and make sure the teen’s privacy and online safety to the fullest.

How Can Parents Protect Teens From Tech-Grinch?

Stealing information from teen’s cellphone would become vulnerable to cyber bullies, sex –offenders, and slut –shamming activities on the web. You can protect privacy, and you can save them from online a predator that makes teens use cellphones as tech-Grinch. You can stop teens from interacting with cyber stalkers, cyber bullies, and sex –offenders, and you can keep yourself updated whenever your child using cellphone devices negatively. You can install cellphone monitoring software and set parental control on teens’ digital phones to get to know what they are up to at the moment. As we know that Christmas is around the corner and your teens could share their privacy with strangers and get involved in online dating, and do plan for partying on Christmas. You need to take of teens with a cellphone parental control app.

Install Parental Monitoring App to Prevent To Use of the Phone as Tech-Grinch

You can visit the web and on your cellphone installed browser and then visit the parental control software for cellphone. Further, you can get the subscription and get your hands on the credentials. Moreover, you can get physical access to the target device and get started with the installation process. After you have completed the installation, you can activate the cellphone monitoring app on the target device.

You can activate the phone tracking app on the target device and get access to the web control panel. You can get your hands on the tools that can monitor and prevent teens from inappropriate activities to stop tech –Grinch to steal children’s cellphone data for online predators. You can use call recording to record and listen to the phone calls and monitor the social media activities of teens to the fullest. You can track the GPS location of your teens on Christmas and record their surroundings to make sure the safety.


The cellphone tracking app is the best tool for parents to monitor and track the digital phones of teens to make sure the safety of the teens and prevent the sharing of their privacy to online predators.