How to Create a Folder in iPhone?

The Apple Application Store has more than 300,000 applications and the chance of your home screen getting messed up is quiet high. The new Folder feature enables you to organize applications and use them more efficiently. By putting these applications inside folders, you can possibly gain good control over launching applications when required and it helps a lot in keeping your home screen clear.
Creating a Folder:
The multi-tasking feature in iPhone 4 is puzzling and it is to some extent tricky. The Folder application works reasonably well, but it requires some assistance initially to know on how it works. Given below are the steps to create a Folder:
Touch and hold any application until all the icons move to and fro slightly. You have now entered the application editing mode. Place your finger on the application you want to move and drag the same into another application which is the new folder. Mechanically iPhone assigns a name to your folder which might be associated to the applications you have grouped like for example, Games, News, Images, and Videos and so on. iPhone also gives you the option of changing a Folder name according to your wish. You could probably group all your business applications to one folder, the games you play in another and your family pictures as well as videos in a different folder etc. The folders can also be created and arranged using iTunes on your personal computer and can be put back to your iPhone.
After creating the folder and once the naming is done you can go back to the application edit mode. The new folder created appears on the screen with a list of small icons which represent the applications inside. You can now drag any desired application inside the folder. Adding related applications together and naming them suitably will allow you to launch the application in a jiffy without any hassle.
You can also delete or move an application back from the folder if needed. To remove an application just select the app’s icon and pull it elsewhere out of the folder to the main screen where you have other icons. The folder is now eliminated from the application and can be deleted permanently if not considered necessary. The folders once created can also be moved and rearranged the way you want within the home screen.
Multi-tasking is now possible with the latest iPhone versions and you can access more than one third party applications simultaneously without any compromise in speed. With several applications coming in store the Folder feature helps in optimizing the home screen and there is no need for you to go through several screens to locate and open the desired application.