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Linux Web Hosting With CPanel Is The Greatest ChoiceLinux Web Hosting With CPanel Is The Greatest Choice

Linux has long been the first word in open source technology. Open source programs may be modified by a team of independent professionals at any time and generally bring no cost to the site owner whatsoever. Using Linux is fully customizable and there is no need to seek permissions from any one entity to know whether or not you are in compliance. Using a Linux cPanel to manage your domains is very effective, but you must first make sure that your hosting provider will work with the formatting. (No worries, most quality ones do.) Hosting providers that welcome Linux cPanels are the ones that you will want to do business with because they show versatility in the way they do business and they give you the freedom to control how your sites function.
Linux is very advantageous to the user with some knowledge of programming because it allows one to …

How to Install Applications on Linux Operating SystemsHow to Install Applications on Linux Operating Systems

There are many different versions of Linux available and each distribution handle application installation differently. For an example Red Hat uses RPMs (Red Hat Package Manager) whereas Debian uses dev packages. Applications written on linux are developed on many different development environments and hence there must be specific files and binaries preinstalled on the system where the application intended to run on.
Red Hat’s add/remove application
Red hat uses binary RPM packages to install applications. Red hat has made it simple for adding and removing applications through graphical package management tool and which you can easily access from Start—->System–>Settings—>Add/Remove Applications. In order to execute this tool you need to be in the root account. You can easily select the individual applications to be installed or installed by expanding the details menu entry in various sections and subsections.
Adding and Removing Applications Using Command Line Interface
Let’s say you have downloaded …

Useful Applications For Your Linux Dedicated ServerUseful Applications For Your Linux Dedicated Server

Lately, we have been talking about the Linux Dedicated Servers, in this article I am going to show you the three important tools which are useful for your Linux Dedicated Server Hosting.
A fact that most of the people belonging to the website hosting industry knows that the products and applications released for Linux are FREE. The tools listed below are also free to download on Internet.
GRUB: Basically, this is boot loader application unveiled under GNU project available for free. If you wish to use 2 operating systems on one single machine, you will need an option to choose the OS you want to run on start of your machine. GRUB is one of the multiboot specification that can fulfil you needs. This is an application which lets you to install and run two different operating systems (OS) on the same machine.
You can see the option, only if …

The Different Types Of Server HostingThe Different Types Of Server Hosting

Server hosting is a way of using software based on the web. It does not require installation of any software pieces on your desktop computer. Instead any applications, databases or files are located on a computer in the internet. This is normally maintained by a host provider for a monthly subscription fee.
A person will find different types of managed support. The most basic of these is usually offered for free. They usually provide a web page and very basic file storage where files can be uploaded. Fully managed ones include monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches and operating system upgrades, these are normally a lot more expensive.
Virtual dedicated or VPS hosting is when a web host has a computer and they have partitioned it into many different virtual machines. They can do this with virtualization software and is becoming more popular. There are multiple sites on a single …

Flexible Server Hosting Solutions For BusinessesFlexible Server Hosting Solutions For Businesses

An organization focused upon acting as host and providing servers will normally provide a variety of solutions to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. A host may offer server hosting solutions such as VPS servers also known as virtual dedicated hosting, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers, as well as SaaS hosting. What follows will be an overview of these key choices for a website or software provided for the commercial and personal user.
A host provides a home for a website, business or even software that can be reached via the internet. The type of host used depends upon the needs of the website and the business. SaaS servers are available for developers of software who choose to deploy their software as a service. The host machine holds the software and the software owner controls user access so that access of to the software may be granted on …